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BarCamp Milwaukee 4

The Paladins are also proud to be supporting Milwaukee's continuing series of BarCamps, the place in town to share knowledge with the rest of the tech community.

FlowOne Lean Consulting

The latest group to tap the Paladins for web development services is FlowOne, a healthcare training, analysis and consulting group. (Design by Carol M Design).

Simply SQL

We are responsible for the minimalist design of the companion site for the new SitePoint book, Simply SQL by Rudy Limeback.

Milwaukee Dev House 3

The Paladins are sponsoring Milwaukee's premiere "social coding" event: Milwaukee Dev House 3!

Originally part of teams that worked on several Fortune 500 company websites, we quickly realized the web “playing field” was tilted in favor of the large companies. Designing and building complex interactive web applications required large investments of time and money that the average business just couldn't support.

The only way a small business could compete on that field was to lock themselves into an off-the-shelf content management system, which, like an off-the-rack suit, doesn't fit perfectly but covers the important stuff yet with a bland, common look. The feature set of their business website was controlled not by the needs of the business but by the priorities of the developers of the CMS. This made it hard for a business to stand out from the competition; individual websites became commoditized.

And we were a part of that. We trapped small businesses in off-the-shelf solutions while we custom-tailored websites for the large companies. We helped the rich get richer. It may have paid the bills, but it didn't feel right.

As the Rails web application framework matured, it quickly became apparent to us our field was changing, radically. Rails, and its underlying language, Ruby, were enabling us to build custom-designed interactive web applications more easily than ever before.

High end websites were now within the reach of the average business.

And so Paladin was born.

The Paladins of old ensured all, rich and poor alike, had access to the King's Justice. Our purpose is to deliver the same sort of equality on the web, to give small companies the same feature-rich and powerful websites the large companies have always been able to afford.

Everyone should have a Paladin to champion their cause. Let us be yours.

Being a good human being is Good Business Paul Hawken