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BarCamp Milwaukee 4

The Paladins are also proud to be supporting Milwaukee's continuing series of BarCamps, the place in town to share knowledge with the rest of the tech community.

FlowOne Lean Consulting

The latest group to tap the Paladins for web development services is FlowOne, a healthcare training, analysis and consulting group. (Design by Carol M Design).

Simply SQL

We are responsible for the minimalist design of the companion site for the new SitePoint book, Simply SQL by Rudy Limeback.

Milwaukee Dev House 3

The Paladins are sponsoring Milwaukee's premiere "social coding" event: Milwaukee Dev House 3!

We Believe…
…the customer should be involved with every step of the process. It's your application; it needs to serve your needs. We frankly can't think of a better judge of how well it suits your needs than you.
…in the importance of open standards. Whenever a single company controls a significant part of the process, it controls your future. We don't think anyone — Apple, Adobe, Microsoft or anyone else, even your Paladin — should have that right.
…in the future. We don't discriminate against modern browsers; in fact we appreciate them, because they make our job easier. For that reason we won't “dumb down” your applications just because a browser built a decade ago doesn't have a particular feature. That doesn't mean we ignore older browsers. While we will make sure every browser you need to support gets supported by the application, some browsers will see slightly less advanced versions of the pages than others, because they lack support for advanced features.
…in the importance of communication. You can't know how the project is going unless you get regular updates. We can't know what you do and don't like about what we're doing unless you tell us. If you need a question answered, ask it. If we need you to approve a choice before we continue, we'll tell you. You'll know what we're waiting for and why.
…in an open design process. You are entitled to see what's happening at any stage in the process.
…that craftsmen should take pride in their work, so we won't produce an application we wouldn't be proud to call our own.
…while Ruby and Rails are very good hammers, not every application is a nail. Your application may not be a good fit for Rails, and if it's not, we won't use it.
…that if your cousin's nephew has purchased a copy of Dreamweaver and you think that makes him a web developer, you should hire him. If it turns out you're wrong, we'll still be here.
Being a good human being is Good Business Paul Hawken