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Past Projects of the Paladins

Some of the past projects the paladins have been involved with:

FlowOne Thumbnail With this site, Paladin once again integrated ourselves into a team, as we took Photoshop comps from their chosen designer and created the HTML and CSS for them, as well as doing all the custom coding necessary to integrate the design into the selected CMS (in this case Wordpress).
Kleenex Thumbnail This is another corporate website we worked on as part of a team. Our part in this one consisted of receiving photoshop files of the pages and writing the page code (HTML and CSS) as well as cutting the graphics to fit.
Crossroads Church Thumbnail This project and the next were Joomla installations. It started out as one of those “just implement the template” projects, but things are never quite that simple. We ended up completely rewriting the internals of the template, modernizing it while improving the look. We also added something the CMS didn't support: the ability to upload podcasts and create an iTunes-compatible RSS feed for them. Since first building this site, we came back to it and updated the design, switched the entire podcasting system over to a newly-created CMS module, and moved the site toward the future by writing it in HTML5.
WCA Thumbnail This was another Joomla project. For this project, we located several 3rd party modules to support the project, as well as writing some custom modules ourselves. The latest design refresh also moved this site to HTML5.
The Chessmill Thumbnail This is a personal blog design, built for WordPress. Along the way we wrote some custom code for parts of the navigation.
Remembering Jack Thumbnail Friends of Jack Brown wanted to give his widow a lasting memorial to his life, in honor of the effect he had on everyone who was associated with him. We were proud to have been selected to perform this service.
World Horror Convention Thumbnail This convention site is all custom PHP code. It was one more step along our journey toward Ruby and Rails. There are custom-written AJAX functions supporting the database forms. (Link is currently disabled as the original site was shut down because the convention ended over a year ago.)
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