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BarCamp Milwaukee 4

The Paladins are also proud to be supporting Milwaukee's continuing series of BarCamps, the place in town to share knowledge with the rest of the tech community.

FlowOne Lean Consulting

The latest group to tap the Paladins for web development services is FlowOne, a healthcare training, analysis and consulting group. (Design by Carol M Design).

Simply SQL

We are responsible for the minimalist design of the companion site for the new SitePoint book, Simply SQL by Rudy Limeback.

Milwaukee Dev House 3

The Paladins are sponsoring Milwaukee's premiere "social coding" event: Milwaukee Dev House 3!

It's the design/development process we use on each project. Every site we build goes through these stages, but according to the nature of the individual sites, the length of time and amount of work done in each stage will vary.

What do you need your website to do for you, and why will visitors come to it (what's in it for them)?
Assess Alternatives
We'll generate some general ideas and together we'll determine which alternative will best fit your purposes and your style.
Laser Focus
Here we work together to focus the selected approach to laser sharpness.
The web site becomes functional, now. All the technical requirements are known and supplied. Functional testing begins. It's ready for your content.
All the templates get filled out, and the final testing is performed. If, during this stage bugs are found, or the site fails to meet the metrics laid out for it, those parts will loop back to appropriate stages in the process for solutions to be found.
We're live! The site has been tested, the content entered. It's time to meet the world.
Now What?
Now we'll help you set up schedules and procedures for keeping the site fresh and attractive, so it can continue to serve your interests far into the future.
Never promise more than you can perform. Pubilius Syrus